Monday, February 25, 2008


Sorry this is so late. But, I pretty much collapsed into a depression when I got home sunday afternoon.

Then the Oscars were on and you know how much I love award shows for movies I will never see. 

  • Great first period. It was exactly what was needed after Saturday

  • Brodeur was getting pretty roughed up in the first. Not just shots but some bumps and hits.

  • Brashear stepping in for Laich-great stuff

  • I did not expect such a physical game.

  • Erskine had a really great play in the first

  • Johnson was ultra aggressive with the puck. Pretty scary most of the time.

  • The second call on Lepisto-absolute joke.

  • Refs missed a lot of stuff that should have been called on NJ.

  • Zubrus holds the stick and we get the penalty. I hope you are enjoying Newark Zubie. And I hope they are enjoying your one handed drives to the net that result in nothing.

  • Backstrom’s forechecking and takeaways were pretty!

  • I couldn’t keep track of the lines at the end but that 28-19-8 line is pretty spectacular.

Could not believe we lost. It must be nice to be able to sleep for 40 minutes and still win.

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