Monday, February 25, 2008

Where in the world is Jim Carey?


Who doesn't remember Jim Carey the Net Detective?

He was my FAVORITE player growing up and the day he was traded I literally cried. My parents saw the cover of the sports page and sat me down and broke the news.  I know...lame.

From Wiki:

  • Carey had a very short NHL career, but he skyrocketed to stardom with his brilliant play. 

  • As quickly as Carey gained his star status, though, it seemed to disappear, as he was traded in a blockbuster deal to the Boston Bruins in the 1996-97 season though he was never able to match his brilliant play as a Capital. 

  • His confidence on the decline, he played two seasons with the Bruins, then signed on with the St. Louis Blues, only to play in four games without any significant accomplishments. 

  • He played two games with the IHL Cincinnati Cyclones where he suffered an inner ear concussion 
  • He never played again.
 So, I am having a CONTEST

  • The person who can tell me what Jim Carey is currently doing with proof (say an article) wins a 25.00 gift certificate to

  • If no one can find out what he is currently doing, the person with the FUNNIEST IDEA of where he is wins.

  • I will post the funny ideas on the site as I get them.


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