Tuesday, March 4, 2008

50 GOALS, 51 GOALS, 52 GOALS...

  • What an unbelievable night

  • Matt Cooke got everything started off for us with a nice wrister over a puck left in front of the Boston bench.

  • Ovechkin's goals were all nice but his third "sneak in" goal was great to see. The pass from Semin was pretty nice as well.

  • Brashear was a wise man for taking Big Z to the ground. I was not ready to see blood explode from Donald's nose.

  • Great to see Backstrom back in the goal column. I can't tell if his goal was just a weak little tap in or it was strategically placed.

  • I was shocked Semin did not a goal in this type of game.

  • Fedorov was pretty quiet but did a lot of good things including winning faceoffs.

  • I asked yesterday morning if the team played different or better in front of Huet. I guess with a game like this, it's hard to gauge. The verdict is still out.

  • I have to believe that in any other game Huet would have returned. Which probably means he's ok and we will see him in Buffalo Wednesday night.

  • When I saw the scratches and Flash was on there, I got a little excited. Fehr with 3 assists on that note.

  • Kolzig did a nice job of sealing the deal in the third.
  • Classy move by Boudreau not putting out his 1st or 2nd PP line late in the third.

Here is the breakdown of last night.

  • Ovechkin 3 goals 2 assists
  • Cooke 1 goal, 2 assists
  • Bradley 2 goals, 1 assist
  • Backsrom 1 goal, 3 assists
  • Laich 2 goals
  • Brashear 1 goal
  • Schultz 1 assist
  • Mo 1 assist
  • Poti 2 assists
  • Steckel 1 assist
  • Semin 1 assist
  • Fehr 3 assists
  • Kozlov 1 assist
  • Green 1 assist
  • Erskine 1 assists

These are games that can change seasons. We saw a game like this early on in Toronto going 7-1 but the Caps followed it up with a shutout. We head to Buffalo now where the Caps face another team they have had serious problems with in recent years. Their confidence is sky high which is great as long as they buckle down and play their game- their way Wednesday night.

"Can you tell us anything about Ovechkin tonight that we already haven't heard?" - Random Reporter

"No..."- Coach Boudreau

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