Saturday, March 8, 2008

Weekend Gameday

The NHL has done no favors for the Caps this week. Even though they have won 4 of 5 the Caps still find themselves 5 points out of 1st in the S.E and 4 out of the 8th spot.

Which brings us to this weekend. In 24 short hours the Caps have a chance to vault themselves right into the next level. Yes, the Caps are in this race. However, winning these two games this weekend would be a huge boost to their confidence and their point total. With only 14 games remanning, 2 games can count for a lot.

There is a huge challenge in front of them. Today, an angry Boston team looking for revenge. They are a good team that will make the playoffs and right now their pride is hurting. The key for the Caps (as Tarik noted yesterday) survive the first period and things are looking up.

And then there's Sunday.When the Caps finish their game today they will have about 20 hours or so to undress, eat, sleep, wake up, dress, warm up and hit the ice for their tilt against yes, the Penguins. So you have the rest factor, the fact that Sid and the boys will be waiting, the fact that they have owned us for years and that they are arguably a top 3 team on in the league. Oh yea, it's on national television as well.

Bottom line Caps fans-The Caps are going to need a gutsy effort all weekend long. I'm talking gutsy with a capital G.

Who knows what the result will be come Sunday evening. All I know is that this will be one fun and entertaining weekend. Two wins would make it epic.

Let's do this dance...

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