Saturday, April 12, 2008


For those who read this-Thanks for your patience while I was taking a little week off.

Instead of recapping a historical, amazing, and fun week I will get right to today-Game 2.

After a up and down game the Caps and Flyers face off again.

I think we will see a much different first period. While Friday night's first 20 was tighter and more reluctant, we shall see some back and forth drives early on.

I didn't think the Flyer's played "their game" even during the second period rout. I felt the Caps outworked and outhit them the whole game. I would expect the Flyers to focus on the hits, working the corners, and being a lot more aggressive with their forecheck.



Was that the 4th or the 1st line?


The Steckel-Brash-Brad line or as I like to call the "Bradshel Line" was amazing. Not only did they contribute the regular energy, hard work, grit and hits, they were all over the scoresheet. 


Ovechkin's Playoff Cherry Popped

Contained for 40 minutes, Ovechkin broke out in the third getting Green the puck and then embarrassing the Philly defense while making Biron look silly to win the game. Was Ovechkin a little too nervous for the first 2 periods? Has he gotten over this? If so, watch out Little Marty.


Hip Hip....Sigh

What happened to Huet? Granted, every goalie has rough games and if you can still win when this happens, well who cares. But, hopefully this is not apart of a much bigger issue-goalies that choke in the playoffs. I am REALLY overreacting. 

  • The first goal he could not see and our D must do a better job of clearing out the crease
  • The second was a very nice shot by Briere that was 1x1...ok
  • The third goal...yea you gotta get that.
  • The 4th goal was not his fault.

Ok, I feel a little bit better.

The Secret is out


Mike Green is a freaking supa-star. But he is going to have to be a lot better today if he wants to score again. Why? Well if Philly wasn't watching him before, they will be now. And if anyone was worried about them headhunting Nicky B or Ovy, watch Green.


The pressure is huge on the home team to win Game 1. The pressure was on this team because they lack "playoff experience". They were able to come back from a 2 goal deficit in the third period and win it-something that is hard to do against a mediocre team in October; let alone a good team in the playoffs! If the Caps play their game and stop all the odd man rushes, they can and will win.


With a win today they hop on a bus up to Philly-a place where they won both times this year and where the journey called the Boudreau area began.


Rock the Red, Rock the Hawk, Unleash the Fury, Let's go Caps and so on with the obligatory cheers.


Is it 2 yet? Let's do this dance...And oh yea...Suck it NBC (really pointed towards Milbury)


NOTE: If you haven't seen Ted's post on Tony K-I demand that you read it right now.

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