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  • Coach gave the team the day off. 
  • It seems that Sarge will be ok and not out for to long.
  • GMGM held court with the press (see post below)




Has anyone looked at the Caps upcoming schedule?

The Caps are going to have to beat some pretty good teams to make the playoffs in this last month. Just to name a few of those teams:

  • Minnesota
  • NJ 2x
  • Buffalo
  • Boston 3x
  • Pittsburgh
  • That leads up to the quick Central trip against Nashville and Chicago followed by the last 7 games of the season all against the SE Division.

Those last 7 games I would like to refer to as "The Southeast Division Tournament of Champions".

  • Winner gets to make the playoffs. 
  • 2nd place gets a weekend (or summer) of golfing...better make that 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th.
  • A daunting task. It's timeslike these you wish Clark and Nylander were in your dressing room.



  • There is a Penguin who is trying to steal the attention away from Ovechkin.  HINT: His name is not Sydney. NO! It's not Brooks Orpik! 
  • Has Montreal already ordered a monogram robe with the initials M.H on it?
  • Caps fans prepare to get excited! Even if it is really nothing...
  • The Bjax are about to play the most important two weeks in their franchise's history. I have to say, I hope they can do it.

The S.E Division was busy last night:

  • Ricky D did his thang and shut out Tampa 1-0.
  • The Canes put away the Trash 5-3.
  • And Boston did us a half-favor (AGAIN) and beat FLA in the shootout 5-4.

Here are the updated S.E Standings

Could Saturday's game be any bigger? Caps need to play on Saturday like everything is on the line. Because with a win Saturday (even with our games in hand)...Carolina can start to pull away.


Check out this video from last weekend's Father/Son Trip.

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