Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Morning



Apparently Ovechkin is mortal as per Tarik he had the flu all weekend which was a huge factor in his unusual lack of points.

Dave Steckel has the flu currently and is staying home to avoid an epidemic like we saw late December last year.

A big thanks to the Devils for putting the Canes away 5-1. 

Canes are at it again tonight against Timmy and the Bruins. On behalf of Washington DC, let's go Bruins! Growl?

Heads up for Wednesday-The Islanders are on a pretty nice role. Where is Dale Hunter when you need him? 


If you told me a month ago that

A. There would be a three way tie for first overall in the east 
B. The Flyers will lose 7 straight and could miss the playoffs 
C. The Redwings would lose 6 of 7 then lose Lidstrom to a knee injury...

I would think you were crazy... and yet here we are.

The good news is that a playoff matchup with the Sens (although unlikely) is becoming more possible :)

And...oh yea...We won't get to see Peter in a sweet RBK edge jersey anytime soon...

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