Tuesday, February 19, 2008


  • Thanks Boston for blowing your two goal lead and giving Carolina a point...

  • There are games during the regular season that can change the fate of  your season...The New York Rangers had one last night...but not in a good way

  • Check out JP's Rink for a look at Brian Pothier and the fact that GMGM might have to get something done at the deadline.

  • The Flyers pulled the trigger on a trade. A steady veteran DMan for a 3rd round pick? Seems like a pretty good deal to me.

  • Trade Chatter continues with a lot of focus on Tampa Bay. Tampa has the desire to sign Boyle but it's Richards' huge contract that is restricting them. Who would take him and that huge salary? Any thoughts?

  • Caps are really not being talked about in the trade rumors. The exception was this from Dan Rosen's Blog...

"I thought it was great to see George McPhee and Don Maloney chatting for close to 30 minutes during lunch. “Trying to make a trade,” Maloney joked to me. Probably not considering both teams are in a similar situation with young players and on the cusp of the playoffs. Still, good fodder. "
  • He was probably thanking us for not taking Bryzgalov :)

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