Wednesday, February 27, 2008


What a gutsy effort tonight. The Caps found their groove through hard work and got things going. At one point when it was 2-1 I said to myself "This feels a lot like last weeks game, where is that killer instinct and third goal". About 30 seconds later Fehr helped me out.

  • Olie was spectacular

  • Steckel was a beast...Brash was a beast...Gordon was a beast...

  • I love that Flash-Fehr-Laich line. I don't think we will see it again though. Fehr with a goal, Flash 2 assists and oh yea Laich with 4 points.

  • Great to see the Caps win in front of a big crowd on Versus. That with all the moves we made today-just an all around great day for the franchise nationally.

  • If only we could have gotten that Ovechkin guy to score tonight.

  • Caps had to win this and they did. A great thing because Carolina decided to win again tonight.

Ok, onto the fun stuff.


I won't go into the details because you all know them by now.

We picked up Huet, Fedorov and Cooke.

Cooke brings a very similar style like Chris Clark and or Dale Hunter. He will fit in really well with the steckel/bradley group.

Fedorov was a great pick up to step in for Michael Nylander. A second line center who can make the passes and win the faceoffs. He will most likely be with Semin. He brings a lot of experience including 3 Cups. He can help bring along Alex and Alex as well.

Which brings us to Mr.Huet. I was simply blown away by this. I honestly thought by 3pm Kolzig would be a Senator because of this deal. I could not see why in God's name we would have 3 goalies and yet here we are.

There's no doubt Huet is going to be great. He can be an undisputed number 1 and gives us time to bring up our prospects.

But what about Olie? When they asked GMGM if this was the end of Kolzig's tenure he said " not neccassarily". Hardly reassuring.

The story is that the three will battle it out for starts and B.B will go with the best goaltender. If I am the coach-this is what I do.

I sit Johnson. I tell him until anything changes, he's the odd man out. It's not fair but I think 3 goalies is not managable. You can let Olie and Huet battle it out for the remainder of the season riding the hot goalie.

If Huet plays well, we will offer a deal. Huet said today he is open to negotiating a contract.

I believe GMGM will approach Olie at the end of the season about staying on as a backup. He will offer Olie an appropriate number for a back up and see if he will stay. I think to keep Olie playing in a back up role would be great for the team and the fans. I just don't know if Olie would do it.

If Olie says yes Johnson gets moved. If Olie says no Johnson rides out his last year as our backup and then who knows.

I really don't know how this is going to end up. I could not help be excited for  the Huet deal but deep down it was also pretty upsetting because of my attachment to Olie.

I do have to say GMGM did an AWESOME job. If all of these deals tank, we really don't lose anything at the end of the day.


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dmg said...

But what about Olie? When they asked GMGM if this was the end of Kolzig's tenure he said " not neccassarily".

To me that sounds like 'If we get Huet re-signed, yes'