Wednesday, February 27, 2008


"So, is it 'Yoo-ay' or 'Hew-et'?"

Huet smiled and said, "'Yoo-ay' is fine. That's easier for you, no?"




Huet and Fedorov arrived at KCI this afternoon while Cooke is still getting probed at the border.

Here is a quick breakdown of what they had to say.


  • Seems unsure of his game (last few games were bad). I think he really wants to get out there and just play.

  • Said Olie and Brent were great to him.

  • He's a butterfly goalie but trys to stay up because he's not that tall.

  • Has ordered pads and a new helmet. The new helmet will have an eagle on it.
  • Is taking number 33. Good news for Steckel.


  • Seems excited to play with Ovy.

  • Really excited to see a lot of media coverage. There is not a lot in Ohio. While I wouldn't say this is Toronto, we are better then Ohio's hockey coverage. 

  • At the end of the interview when he said he was excited to see all the press, CSN's Lisa Hilary said " You won't see these many people here again" and then laughed awkwardly. Great, thanks lady with two first names. I'm sure your smug comment really excited our new player. :)

  • He was told by Bruce he's going to play a lot more then he did in Columbus. That's all he needed to hear apparently.]

  • He likes the idea of the offensive system the Caps play. He said he might be rusty because it's been a while since Columbus' system is very defensive.

  • He hopes to help the younger players along.

  • Is considering all options at the end of this season including retirement.



  • Clark has been skating.

  • Did anyone see the new poll go up on Monday? 

Look at answer no.1. I have to say, I sort of called the Huet thing. Not really, but I could totally claim that right?

  • I guess when a coach asks you to score more then twice in a year and you don't that's called "Butting Heads".
  • Kolzig might stay home with the kids next year?


Has anyone been as nerdy as I have and is playing with our new line combos?

For Friday, here are my thoughts.





I would love to get another look at Bourque but I believe with the 3rd goaltender we have to send someone down. That would obviously be DC's own St. Louis.

I would love to see the flash-laich-fehr line back together or put Laich on one of the top two lines. But, I don't see that happening. 

Now the more complex question. 

As noted before, Clark has been practicing. So, let's say he returns in the next two weeks. Then you have Cooke coming.What are the lines? Let me take a stab.





So my question. Who moves? Obviously Fehr goes down. But then who? Laing? That's an extremely tough call.

If Clark comes back soon, things are going to get interesting. The 3 goaltenders thing really screws stuff up.



Sundin is clutch clutch's too bad his team couldn't beat FLA in regulation.

NOTE FOR SATURDAY:Leafs are now just one point behind us.

Halpern scored for the first time in lightning bolted pants, but it was not enough. Wild win 3-2.

JPadd was fired yesterday. That's what the kids call him at least. 

This is exactly how I feel.

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dmg said...

Has anyone been as nerdy as I have and is playing with our new line combos?

In a word: Yes.