Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here's to you Big Guy...

It was an all around great night for the franchise. The Ovechkam debuted, Olie Kolzig won his 300th game, but more importantly the Caps live to see another day. I said the other day that a few loses by either PHI or CAR with some Caps wins would put us right back into this thing.

Well, Carolina won but Philadelphia went 0-1-1 the last two nights. With a win on Friday against the Thrashers the Caps will be 3 points out of 8th.

Some quick thoughts.

  • Owen Nolan was interviewed after the game. He said Ovechkin told him during the game on the ice that he (Nolan) was his favorite player growing up.

  • Ovechkin again furthers his case for MVP. When your team's playoff dreams are fading and your playing a must win against an elite goalie down 2-1 and you score two goals...Nuff said NHL Award-chooser-people...

  • Two very different periods. Kolzig kept us in during the first with some great saves while Kippy kept the Caps conatined pretty well in the 2nd.
  • Glad to see (after Sunday) Nicky get on the scoresheet early.

  • During the post game interviews "Don't Stop Believin" could be hear in the lockeroom. Well said Journey.

  • I have no idea what the Refs were doing tonight. Even though the Caps had the last 6 PP's I hope this game is reviewed by the league.

  • The first 5 on 3 was legite- the high sticking had to be called. However, the second was another phantom tripping call.

  • If there was ever a time or place where a Ref was influenced or pressured by the home crowd it was tonight at the verizon center. I can say in all the years I have been coming to games I cant remember a night where "Ref You Suck" chants were so loud or so long. 

  • I watched a little Ovechkam when I got home. Wow, incredibly annoying. I don't how anyone ( if anyone) watched the whole game on that.

  • How close was Ovy to that hat trick? 
  • My least favorite part of the night was when the guy in my section that constantly heckles Olie (and says that he "sucks") was standing, cheering, and chanting for him during the post game celebration for his 300th win.

  • With about 6 minutes left I knew that this game was going to be decided in regulation and I had a feeling a late penalty would be called. I'm glad it went our way.

Of this final 12 game stretch this was the "hardest" team to play and they got 2 points. Friday brings Atlanta to town. Atlanta has been awful for the last month and a half. There is no way the Caps should or can walk away with less then 2 points on Friday night. Hopefully, its convincing.

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