Saturday, March 8, 2008

Playoffs are Playoffs...

What a fun day. Caps get screwed, FLA beats ATL in OVERTIME, Canes beat the Sabres in OVERTIME and Philly owns NYI 4-1.

The Caps are tied with FLA with 72 pts and are 7 pts out of 3rd and 6 pts out of 8th.

Keep in mind at this point the Coyotes have a better chance at making the playoffs in the West then we do in the East.

With the Caps losing (or a few idiots costing the Caps the game, including Brashear) it might be time to look at some other options.

It's looking more likely that Carolina is not going to lay down and die. The Caps inability to string more then two wins together combined with Carolina's play are making the S.E Division look a little bit tougher each day.

Well, how about the eighth seed.

The bottom line is that the Canes only play 3 more non-divisional games before playing the last 8 against the S.E. Carolina has pretty much dominated all the Southeast Teams. With ATL and TPA already biting the dust, it should be a pretty easy road for them.

Philadelphia is the current 8th placeholder. After Philly's win tonight, the Caps find themselves 6 points back. However, Philly's last games are against much tougher opponents and have played mediocre at best for the last month or so.

If the Caps can continue to win on a consistent basis and own those last 7 games against the Southeast, they can probably count on Philadelphia slipping out of contention.

Of course the 3rd spot is sexier, it gets us a nice banner, home ice advantage and the chance to play oh say the Rangers instead of the Devils or Pens. But, the playoffs are the playoffs.

Just an all around tough day.

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lorne young said...

Brashear = Chris Simon. Bench him forever.