Friday, March 28, 2008


So the Caps are in South Florida tonight for the last road game of the season. With a win tonight, the Caps will hit the 20 win mark for away games and keep their playoff hopes alive. With 4 games remaining, the Caps can't just win and get in, they need help from Boston, Philly or Carolina.
Huet is in net tonight. Huet is 7-2 and could easily be 9-0 as a Cap. Are you reading this GMGM? It's very interesting that Olie may never get another start this year and he may not be a Cap come July. Would that mean his last night in a Caps jersey was that night in Chicago? I am behind playing Huet as long as we are winning but I could only wish a better a fate for Godzilla.

The Panthers have been waiting at Bank Atlantic Center where they have owned the Caps for quite a while. This building has not been kind to the Caps in recent years. But the Panther team that they face tonight is different now. With consecutive losses to the scum of the Southeast ( Tampa and ATL) the Cats are all but dead. With another playoff-less spring coming, changes in Sunrise are inevitable. The question is who will go J.M or Olie Jokinen

The big question is what type of Panther team will show up? Jokinen's leadership and play have been questioned over the last week. His minus 20 is pretty terrible for the "superstar" and captain of the team. Tonight will he be out to prove himself or will he phone it in?
The Caps OBVIOUSLY can't afford to lose. They have to play the first period full throttle and try to get a nice lead. They can't afford to let a team hang around or force themselves to play catch up and rely on heroics.

With the Caps' destiny not in their own hands, we will all be looking to the Philly/Boston/Carolina games. Philly and Boston are playing their second of back to back games and Boston is playing their first of back to back games-all good things for the Caps. As for last night, it was a so-so night. Philly and Buffalo overtime. Eh...while Carolina destroyed Atlanta.  
A Caps' victory and a loss by one of those teams tonight would make for a very exciting spring to the finish next week-all at the Phone Booth.

News and Notes
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  • Say it ain't so Sid

Move over Sid, Pete's bringing some competition for the NHL Emmy.

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