Saturday, March 29, 2008

I've got Good news and Bad news...

Well you can't ask for much more. The Caps ran the table and never gave the Cats a chance. Before I get into the bad news, a couple of thoughts

  • Jurchina was the best D-man out there tonight. He had an attitude and I liked it.
  • Kozlov was great tonight hanging onto the puck in tight situations, taking the abuse, and making it happen

  • I can't believe Jokinen and Belak didn't get their faces readjusted by Erskine and Co.

  • Good thing Green potted that goal because otherwise there would be a post about his sub-par play tonight.

  • What else can you say about Huet. Gotta...Love...This...Guy

  • Flash-So much fail for one man.

Onto the bad news.

Gerber remembers that he is terrible and the Bruins win 4-0. Islanders blow two different leads and Philly wins in OT. Surprisingly , the Canes lost to the Ning which sets Tuesday up for A MONSTER game.

Want the Caps in the playoffs? Here are the 4 options available. These are all based on IF the Caps win their last 3 games.



4 games remaining vs Buffalo 2x, Ottawa, and Devils.

Boston can not get more then 4 points. They have to lose 2 in regulation. It's feasible as the Sabres are decent, Ottawa should win, and the Devils are a better team.



They can only win one more game. Sounds rough but they play Pittsburgh twice and the Devils once. If Pitt takes care of business those two times, we can start putting our money down for round 1.



This won't happen but if NYR lost 4 of their last 5 games Caps would sneak in.



I didn't think this was feasible a week ago BUT if the Caps win out that means Carolina drops Tuesday's game obviously. Carolina can only get 3 more points at this point but they play Tampa and Florida. If one of these teams can pull an upset, that division title is ours.

Not impossible but still tough. And of course this is all assuming the Caps win out which would mean a 7 game winning streak.

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