Saturday, March 1, 2008



So, the Caps come up with a big win last night and now are only 3 points behind Carolina with 2 games in hand. Carolina plays Tampa tonight as we play Toronto. It should be an easy win for Carolina but Tampa is feeling good after an overtime win over ( oh yea!) Toronto. Here's to you Jeff Halpern.

Some quick thoughts on the game
  • Huet looked sharp but did not need to be spectacular. He did not give any rebounds and stopped a great breakaway shot. He also only faced 2 shots in the third :).
  • The Caps are going with Olie tonight. An interesting move considering Huet's performance and shutout. However, I am sure Olie is going to be up for this game and will want to out-do Huet.
  • Ovechkin is starting to scare me.
  • After a great game, Laich was kind of invisible. I expect to see Cooke out with Semin and Fed.
  • That was some GREAT passing on that first goal eh?
  • Fedorov looked good and I am really happy to see Bruce use him on the PK.
  • Was that not the most boring first period of your life?
  • Steckel looked good and probably should have scored
  • That's what I call secondary scoring.
  • That Caps should see Raycroft tonight.

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