Wednesday, April 2, 2008

They Live to See Another Day

What an amazing night but how many times have I said that this year? The fans were out in full force, wearing their red and losing their voices. Our boys did not disappoint. A good tough team that had everything on the line and the Caps came out convincingly. 
The media is taking notice of DC and many covered the game and the Red out nicely last night.
I'm pretty exhausted, here are some quick thoughts.
  • Thanks to Coach Peter for joining  the red out-that red face makeup was a nice touch.
  • Semin went all-out tonight; he was physical and that goal was ridiculous. You could not question his effort or passion tonight.
  • How great is Matt Cooke? The things he does go unnoticed a lot of time, but he was my first star tonight.
  • AO seemed to be pressing a little hard early on with some unnecessary "fancy" moves. But, his goal at the end was spectacular.
  • Backstrom can really dangle when he gets the chance.
  • Huet was solid. It was another game where he easily could have had a shutout. He really should have because Laich was slashed like crazy before the goal. But, I won't complain :).
  • That second Goalie Interference call was bull...oh well.
For those saying the Caps got the bulk of the calls their way...
Yes, they did. When you have a reputation for taking advantage of the refs ,diving, embellishing, and then you show the refs a constant lack of respect-you reap what you sow. The Canes had plenty of time and could not muster up more then one goal (and they barely got that one).
Caps' fans, lets enjoy this one and move on. We are still not in the playoffs and we have a stressful night ahead. Boston, Philly, and Carolina are all in action tonight. Let's hope Carolina is nice and tired from being slammed around Matt Cooke style and the Ning can pound on them. With a Carolina loss tonight, it's win and were in.

This is starting to get really fun...

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