Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Most Important Game of the Season...Part 3

You know the deal...Caps and Canes...tonight...Red Out...at the Booth...Season on the line...a win gives us a nice shot at the division.
I can't really say anything about tonight's game. It's the most important game the Caps have played in 5 years. A win tonight does not guarantee anything except for a few more days of hope and a great shot at the Division Championship.
The Caps need to AND can win out. If 94 points does not get you a playoff birth, then I don't know what to say.
This team's journey from Thanksgiving day has been amazing to watch. As a fan, I can only be thankful for the dozens of great memories I will have after this season. No matter what happens tonight and this week, I can't help but feel excited for this team and what the future lies ahead.

But please Caps, destroy those Canes tonight.
  • For a great scenario on what could happen, please click here.
  • Canes are getting back Williams and Whitney...grrr.
  • A great look at this week
Don't forget to wear your red tonight and in the meantime check out this sweet video.

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