Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Caps (62 pts) vs Islanders (63 pts)

Verizon Center 7pm

Series 2-1 NYI


The Caps have been off since a big win in Tampa Saturday night. In the process they have gotten Tom Poti back as he will return tonight (hit from Tarik) and Alex Ovechkin is fully rested.

The Islanders are on a little bit of a roll. A big comeback victory against San Jose on Monday gave them their 4th straight. However they come to town with a banged up blueline as Andy Sutton joins the list of injured D along with Brendan Witt and Bruno Gervais.


For the Caps

Alex Ovechkin-No points over the weekend + rested and recovered =watch out Ricky

Thomas Fleischman-2 goals over the weekend. Most likely he will stay on that top line. Did this contract give him the assurance and confidence he needed?

Alexander Semin-He had a GREAT game on Saturday. He was all over the place and played like he did last year. Did something click? I guess we will find out.

Kolzig- He’s been a roll. He gets the start tonight because he deserves it. I think he knows this and will not disappoint.

For the Islanders

Rick Dipi-Why? Because honestly the Caps should be able to beat this defense and they don’t have a lot of offensive punch. Ricky can be the difference maker for the Isles.


SECONDARY SCORING-Keep it going. Flash, Semin, Steckel all on Saturday. Who’s due?It’s been a while for Backstrom. Who else....hmm..oh yea PETTINGER.

FAST FIRST-Caps always seem to have a horrible start after a few days off. Don’t let this happen. Come out strong with some energy and some big hits-I’m talking to you Matt Bradley.

MAKING HAY-We now have 3 games on Carolina. We could have woken up this morning 6 points behind them but we didn’t. The NHL gods have aligned for us- let’s not blow it.

SCOUT RICKY-Remember-he’s a left handed goalie. We seem to have trouble against these freaks (just kidding). Ready Aim Fire-in the right direction!


While I believe the Caps are a much better team, this won’t be an easy task. NYI were basically declared dead a week ago but have climbed up within a few points of 8th. They don’t want to stop now. And I don’t have to remind you Caps fans why all of our games from here on out are vital ( you know, first playoff series in 5 years, no biggie).


The Caps could barely get shots on goal.

Green got slashed in the face by Shultz which enabled Richard Park to get away from him. Park took it to Kolzig on a poor angle shot and scored to win it in OT.

My wife and I left disapointed because we drove to NY for the game :)

Here it is...

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DMG said...

I agree with your "fast first" key for the Caps - they are clearly the better team and need to dictate the play from the opening faceoff.