Thursday, February 21, 2008


The last time I left the Phone Booth that mad was the night before Thanksgiving.

This is a game we HAD to win. We are not going to accomplish anything in this last month if we cannot put a team like the Islanders away. We went up early even though they outplayed us in the first period. And yet we let them just hang around. I felt they simply outworked us.

Some Thoughts:

  • Where are the Caps of January?

  • I thought Sasha Semin had a pretty good game. He is looked more like Ovechkin lately then Ovechkin does.

  • How many posts did Ovechkin hit last night?

  • How can you not love Brooks Laich?

  • Brooks Laich and Backstrom could have easily made it 4-0 in the first

  • My friend said Semin’s goal looked effortless like he was scoring on a sure did.

  • Again, I don’t think the shots represented the game. NYI outworked us.

  • I bet Kolzig wants that second goal back.
  • Coach BB said we are not being consistent like we were before the break. Agreed.


The Caps have not accomplished anything yet. Yes, it’s amazing what they have done. But without a playoff birth it is all in vain.  I think a lot of us felt that the Caps were going to/should have won this pretty convincingly. Even if we had won in OT last night it still would have been disappointing. Giving these teams an extra point (especially one that is ONE POINT ahead of you) will kill you later on in the season.


Now we look to Saturday. A HUGE game vs Carolina.  We lost another D-man last night so expect Eminger to play.

More from Cheap Seats about Saturday's game.

Carolina plays ATL tonight. Who do you root for? ATL winning keeps Carolina within two points for us while Carolina winning keeps Atlanta from passing us.  


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dmg said...

I'd have to say that while the Capitals should have put the Isles away last night (and it shouldn't have been close), they've been a different team when one playmaking center has produced. At the beginning of the year it was just Nylander; then Nylander and Backstrom and the team was scoring a lot; now Nylander is hurt and it's just Backstrom and the team is having trouble on offense again.

Of course missing Pothier and Clark doesn't help either.